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Founded in 1990, British Estates is recognized as a top UK Property Investment Company with a reputation for success.

We’re constantly looking for quality investment opportunities, and have a strict criteria for selecting our next investments. We focus solely on those that we believe really have the potential to succeed.

As leaders in the commercial property investment market, we are a trusted partner to many investors worldwide, including high net worth individuals and trusts, retirees, and corporations. As careful stewards of investment capital, we strive to provide opportunities that create lasting value for our investors, our partners, and the communities that we invest in. All investment properties are hand-picked to suit that particular investor, taken from a pool of potential properties, to ensure the ultimate return and satisfaction.

By making our property investments stronger and better positioned for long-term growth, we help create good jobs, support local economies and, ultimately, secure the bright future of our investment partners with outperforming returns.

The firm’s goal is to deliver enhanced returns and capital preservation over the long term through a comprehensive deal selection process which weighs risks and reward metrics in a clear and concise common sense analysis. All of our businesses reflect our strong partnership culture, commitment to exceptional performance and uncompromising commitment to success.

Putting our clients’ interests first is at the core of our investment philosophy. We are able to custom-tailor our investment strategies to clients’ specific needs. This approach has led to a high level of client satisfaction: based on existing clients, most of our investor base has reinvested or added additional capital into successive Mercantile property investments.

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